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Electrolysis has existed for over 100 years. It was in 1875 that Dr. Charles E. Michel had the idea of inserting a small filament into a hair follicle and applying a current into a hair follicle and applying a current of low intensity in order to eliminate ingrown eyelashes on a patient. Only the insertion of a filament into into a hair follicle with the application of a low current will definitely destroy the germinative cells which are responsible for the growth of hair. With more than 1000 systems in use throughout the world, the Apilus technology offers treatments that are more efficient, more comfortable and that gives results faster than any other type of epilation techniques. With its new powerful circuits entirely controlled by computer, Apilus offers to the professional electrologist great precision and perfect control to provide faster and better results with a minimum of discomfort. The precision of the Apilus circuit using and application time of as little as one thousandth of a second offers incomparable comfort. The certified electrologist is a professional who has the proper training so that she can offer efficient, speedy and safe treatments with the help of ultra modern equipment. Electrolysis can be performed on healthy skin on all facial areas and the entire body as well. The electrologist will gladly give you all the information needed on your first consultation. If in doubt, see your doctor prior to beginning treatment.